• Johang

    Those pictures prove nothing! And personally, I don't really care if she ever gets them back, I still enjoy her as much as I ever did.

  • Sheena

    Her work is good, she has contributed nice to the music world….. But my views about her is negative, its too bad for an artist to have an exposed life. More or less it is like a strippers show, damn she could have done it in a decent way…why exposing like a porn artist?

    If yeah, it was to be done in that way then it could have been a good contribution to the porn industry…..worthless😦

  • RatedR401

    I loaf Britney!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=628686581 Kristi Farley-Cota

    I would love to look like #1 before picture after having two kids!

  • headless

    i would look that awesome too with airbrushing. honestly i dont give a crap her music is good and works for me thats all i care about. Anyway good for her though getting herself back together, i hope it stays that way.

  • Jen

    You mean Brit got here abs Photoshoped back on.

  • Liz

    I use to hate her, i didn't like her music and she was dating my future husband (JT). After hearing how much her family took advantage of her age and success, I just feel bad for her. I still cannot believe that her mother honestly believes it was okay for Britney to wear the school girl outfit because she "wanted to". Bad parenting Lynn…

  • kel

    "Britney got her photoshop back"

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