Morning coffee in hi-res! (38 HQ photos)

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  • Johang

    #27 What's the trick? I've tried a couple times and it never looks like that!

    • Michelle Powell-Patino

      Muffin tins?

    • Lauren

      you have to make a thin layer of cookie dough underneath the oreo, then a spoonful of cookie dough, rounded and slightly flattened on top of the oreo. don't press the cookie dough completely to the edge because it will run over the side and end up looking like a flying saucer. THE TRICK IS a spoonful of rounded cookie dough on top of the oreo, slightly flattened – but not all the way to the edge – so when the dough heats up in the oven it spreads to the edge and drips over just enough to encase the cookie, but not melt all over the pan. good luck!
      also, so cool to see my pic in morning coffee, quite a surprise! (:

  • SteelCityChivette

    hwhere is #24?? Bucket.List.

    • Diddi

      Skogarfoss Iceland!

      • SteelCityChivette

        Ah, thank you! My parents went to Iceland for their honeymoon, so it has always been on my bucket list, but it just moved up a few notches!:)

  • chocopie

    The berry girls are so talented at baking:)

    also this seems like th average german boat ride haha #21

  • Bj Schmidt

    #22 your tree is one of my favorite things too!:)

  • janni

    #17 is me all day

  • tomato

    #36 love him!! my pick to win this year's us open

  • UR a WUSS

    #16 FAIL, that looks like an old man tattoo not a cute kid. Why do people do this? FUGLY

  • Sunset

    Whooooooooo is number 38?❤ Well.. who is he except for my new husband?:)

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