• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=628686581 Kristi Farley-Cota

    I love love love post secret

  • misschris

    #9 Is so sad. What an awful thing to feel/know about your child.

    • That Guy

      is it better to be ignorant about your child or worse ignore the symptoms?

      • LazyParentsSUK

        Shame on the parents for not warning the potential daters! Get your kid help. God knows you don't need an "accident" and have a poor defenseless child brought into the situation. Time to "man up" parents!

    • Dani

      Its really tough when you know your child is a sociopath but there are no outward signs. Any one I would tell wouldn't believe me about my daughter who is charming, personable and beautiful, she is everything a parent would want except for the lacking any shred of empathy, screw you over in a minute and possibly worse part. I too fear for her boyfriends. Also I tried to start her in therapy when she was younger. The doctor said she was well adjusted and just fine. Did I mention she was charming?

  • Alicia

    #11 I'm the same way!

  • Niamhel

    I love these so much

  • tomato

    #10 I'd rather be sanitary and rushed than have to touch the flusher

  • mikesjess

    I can relate to one of these especially, but am too ashamed to admit which one.

    • UR a WUSS


      • DiamondD0ll


  • Brandon

    #13…is so beautifully tragic. I'm a trauma surgeon and I do the same thing when a dying patient rolls in…Tara, I miss you…

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