• bree1912

    #44 – Oh Jensen, you are so yummy!

  • Katie

    #23 is my girl crush

    • Kristi

      #39 is mine

  • ObviousTroll

    #52 makes me wonder what percentage of the production of sticky notes goes to decoration. That is, how big a market would there be for products designed for that use? Notes printed with patterns, like wallpaper.

    #14 Unfortunately, not a single duck was given that day.

    • DoWopper

      Quit wondering and just enjoy the laugh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sara.Is.Princess Sara Smith


    • Guest

      who is this?

  • Karen

    Mmmmm! Jared and Jensen!!!❤

  • CaptainKate:)

    #24 and #25… connection?

    • NoGimmix

      Maybe in your addled brain. We see no connection you dope.

  • Kristina

    #35 wow she looks awful!

  • That Guy

    i don't think #52 is street legal.

  • jess

    #14 #44 Double Jensen yea!

  • Jaz

    #40 next eye candy Craig Ferguson please. He's handsome and hilarious, H squared.

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