• Cat

    soo cute … love me some cats

  • unravelauren

    Wow these photos are amazing! I think my favorite is the kitten bounding up the stairs. But then again I'm a sucker for sleeping kittens. So it's really hard to choose. They're all great!

    If you want another dose of cuteness I just posted a video of a kitten battling apples on my blog. Yes, it is as cute and hilarious as it sounds: http://catpeopleanonymous.wordpress.com/

  • trololol

    isnt that maru?

    • Neztra

      That's what I was wondering. Love Maru.

  • RedRuby131

    its a confusing world little kitty

  • chocopie

    I envy cats so much… they pretty much just sleep around all day and act like assholes and we love them for it.

  • Leather & Lace

    #11 "I Love You THIS MUCH!"

    #12 "Watch…Watch! I Can Stand On My Head!!

    • Theresa

      Hah! 12 is break dancing

      • Ms BooLahLah

        I thought #11 was doing the 'Y' from YMCA.:)

  • stephen

    I loves me my daily dose of kitten cuteness. Thanks!

  • Julianne

    Wow! They are so cute! You're so amazing!!

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