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    #34 is the cutest and the real "double win"! ^^

    • tomato

      that baby looks unhealthy😦

      • mae

        yeahhhh someone's been spoiling the little booger..😮

  • porscha

    this was too cute! thanks so much! having the worst day ever. this made me smile.

    • cherryberry

      me feeling the same way

  • jazzberry swirl

    love them all #13 #23 #24 are my faves

    • wharfrat

      me too

  • E.U.B.

    and you know if you hurt one of those kids their dogs will tear you a new one

  • Extra

    #32 is so cute
    #34 that baby is a fatty!😛

  • Jen

    could not stop smiling!

  • hungryhungryhippo

    much needed and appreciated

  • Dayna

    #34 What a cute picture

  • LetsTalkPets

    Reminds me of my daughter and our dogs! She even stars in her own Youtube movie… "The Dog Trainers Apprentice – A Toddling Dog Walker!" I wish more people saw the benefits of having both children & animals!:) x

  • LetsTalkPets

    …My dogs are helping me to train my daughter to walk! They are such fab doggies!:)

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