A-ha, now I see where you got your face (24 photos)

Click HERE to see children of Hollywood celebrities!

  • evil panda

    Isn't Connor Cruise suppossed to be adopted? I find the resemblance a little uncanny.

    • Marvelous

      That's what I thought.

      • Lisa

        Conner and his sister Isabella were adopted when Tom was married to Nicole Kidman. In younger photos, Conner looks like he came from black or mixed-race parents.

    • rose

      were did you see Connor and Tom?

      • winglesspot

        Yeah, I looked at all of the photos and I didn't see one of Tom Cruise and his son Connor.

        • Jelly

          They must have removed the picture, but it was there. Maybe they realized their mistake.

    • A 51 yr old Grandma

      I have always thought the SAME!!!! THere must be a story just waiting to come out on this one surely.

  • bree1912

    #21…is it just me? Because I don't see any resemblance.

  • Mee

    #8 all the way! And that picture doesnt even do it justice.

    • ShelMag

      I don't think Susan Sarandon' s daughter looks anything like Susan Sarandon.

  • lol

    Connor Cruise isn’t Tom Cruise’s biological son, but nice try.

  • MigraineBoy

    #4 All I see is Bruce….

    • hpuem

      I've always thought that too…

  • crouchingTiger

    Wow are Interns posting these articles or what?! First, Conner Cruise is adopted and does not belong on this list, then there's a redundant double post for Kiefer and Donald Sutherland on #17 and #19….

  • skylark211

    #4 All I see is Demi's face on Bruce's head.

  • P Thomas

    #4 I have t agree she looks more like Bruce than Demi – it almost like Conan did the two stars have a baby mash-up….

  • gen

    This post is dumb. Keifer Sutherland is there twice and Miley Cyrus looks exactly like her mom, not her dad.

  • Vicki

    Something must be wrong with mine. Conner and Tom Cruise are not there. Colin and Tom Hanks are, could this be who you mean? Colin is not adopted though. Meryl Streep and Mamie – yes. I think Emelio looks more like Martin Sheen than Charlie.

    • jhr459

      Vicki, I think what happened is that the people that posted these pics saw the posts about Connor and Yom and took them down since they are not biologically related.

  • winglesspot

    #10 Ben Stiller gets FUGLIER every year. Look out year 2020

  • ricochet

    Freddie Prinz looks nothing like his father and never has. Nice young man & God bless, but does not belong in the "looks like" column.

  • chick6

    @ricochet, I disagree…in my opinion Freddie Prinz jr looks a lot like his dad!

  • http://asfarastheeyecansee-embee.blogspot.com/ BoyFromWales

    I think Bryce Dallas Howard is flat out gorgeous!

  • clay

    Emilio looks more like Martin than Charlie does.

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