Afternoon eye candy: Random hotties with animals! (37 photos)

Hey! If you know someone (and by someone I mean your boyfriend or friend) that is ‘Hot Men of theBERRY’ worthy… get your hands on a pic of them and send it in! Click SUBMIT or mail to theberrysubmit[at]



  • Jase

    'Bout time gingers got some love!

    • Lorna


  • Diesel


  • Mee

    Men with dogs =❤❤❤

  • Themightydagmar

    I need pet him. to cuddle forever.
    (note: I'm allergic to cats ;D )

  • amandiola

    Brandon Boyd?!?! I want to sex you up.

  • DoWopper

    I thought was my favorite, and then I saw #37. So it's a tie!

  • Jamie Lynn Aragonez

    #32 perfect smile

    • Kaitlynn Lucrezi

      totally agree

  • Sara Smith

    #31…that man is gorgeous…

  • KimboleeKart

    nothing sexier than a man who loves animals

  • ahtri18

    ok #32 is adorable… it's like a little bear. and the guy is unreal… need MOAR hot men with dogs. just dogs.❤

  • Annie Marie Porter-Hlasnik

    #8 Ian Somerhalder is absolutely breathtaking!

    • Camryn


  • kmac

    Oh hot damn. A gorgeous man with a gorgeous dog #29

  • Maintain

    wow, so many good ones!! #1, #2, #7, #10 (I want your dog!), #11, #19 <3, and #32❤

  • sydneysunshine123

    #1 has the sweetest expression and the prettiest eyes also a cute little cat. #10 has the best dog of all, huskies are my favorite plus the owner seems pretty cute too.

  • Mari

    I dont know why, but I prefer the guys with dogs!!😉

  • @InChiaroscuro

    #17 Holy shit, this guy looks EXACTLY like my ex. I'd think it was him if it wasn't for that tattoo. That freaked me out. Still super-hot.

    Also – is #21 Brandon Boyd randomly holding a cat? Sweet.

  • HanaBerlin

    #1 #2 #15 Super Cute!

  • mali_sapun

    #18 John:)

  • Candy Dish: Mother of the Year : College Candy

    […] We heart hot men with animals […]

  • Jamie

    #17 Moar Ginger men please!!! :p

  • lilbit56

    #17 and #32! I really enjoy hot guys and cute animals!

  • RexarClint

    I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37" HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.I use.

    • Anon.

      Fuck off.

  • Melissa

    #32 is amazingly handsome:) I want him right meow!

  • Bee

    #21 Ooh, I love brandon Boyd. MINE!

  • Annie

    I need more hot men with kittens in my life. A visual smorgasbord.:)

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