‘In Time’ – Olivia Wilde plays Timberlake’s mother (11 photos)

Earlier today, we featured Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried as the 'picture-perfect political couple.' At the bottom of the post, we showed the movie trailer Timberlake, Seyfried and Olivia Wilde star in called 'In Time.'

Wilde plays the mother of Timberlake's character, a film in which people stop aging at 25. During her interview for Allure, she opens up about the difficulties she had with playing that role.

"We were rehearsing, and I remember the director saying, 'No, stop! It looks like you're going to make out.' 'Nope—that looks like you're going to make out, too.' We were like, 'Oh, God.’ I had to find a way to think of him as my son… He's got these incredible blue eyes, so I imagined him as a little baby Justin. And he was able to transfer a lot of his feelings about his mom onto me. We're both total acting nerds."


Click HERE to see Olivia Wilde in Nylon Magazine!

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