• Sarah

    I love Mike Jerrick! He is from Philadelphia's Fox29 and he is a hoot.

  • RatedR401

    OMG… this is GREAT!

  • Cat

    awesome .. this whole family is sooooo overrated …

  • katie90

    hahaha. that's hilarious. I keep replaying it. Thanks berry.

  • Ello_GoodFriend

    Best clip ever! I can't stand the Kardashian's! They're all overrated, spoiled brats!

  • jennabee

    LOL! I could watch this a hundred times and it wouldn't get old!

  • Art

    It's strange how mostly everybody dislikes them and thinks they're good for nothing and tired of them, yet somehow enough people tune in to their show every week to keep getting renewed.

    • Hailey

      Never watched any of their shows, still don't care for them.:)

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