Morning coffee (42 photos)

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  • Johang

    #42 I will obey.

    • Becky @ TheBexFactor

      ME too!

    • shwinger

      Ugly swim trunks.

  • headless

    #42 No thank you, i think i'll pass. Bring me some skinny nerds, virgin nerds.

    • Mark

      You called?:)

  • Jules

    #19 is so pretty:)

    #42 well…twist my arm, I guess I'll drop by later:)

  • Megan Young

    #42. He is ok. His arms seem very…odd!! haha

    • bobbie

      I thought it was my eyes playing a trick on me:)

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #28 I almost want to say "how do you not.." but really it doesn't say they carried it suspiciously. They were suspicious, and they were carrying a snake. Of course it depends on where they were carrying it too…..:D

  • Gracie

    #10 I don't get this one is there supposed to be a link between the two?

    • guest

      the pencil is used to "wind" the ribbon in audio cassette when it gets messed up in the music player.

      • Hailey

        She must be much too young to understand.😉

        • booyah♀

          No, I didn't get it either; I always used my pinky. Born: 1988

  • Emma Oliver

    #21 omg! that's where I'm from!!

  • shwingertom

    #5 Oh God… U LOSER. No amount of fireworks are gonna help you with that dumbazz open mouthed expression on your pasty face. Bleeeehhhppp, just puked a bit in my mouth looking at you. U ghoul.

    • poppysdad


  • cartmansings

    #16 Sad that she had to sit there and endure that nightmare of a makeup job just so some dooshy makeup artist could play with their paints and make some cliched lame-azz "creative" work of art. Bwwwwwaaaa, ha, ha, ha. You are Sooooooooooooo creative. NOT. FAIL.

  • Chloe McMahon

    #29 Berry Editor Emily has a nice office.

  • ObviousTroll

    #18 Tatev Monastery, Armenia.

  • Betty

    #34, #35…. I see what you did there.

  • wench

    #41 i just know i'd wake up and knock that low shelf off its pegs every damn morning.

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