• Angela

    I'd give most of them a try.

  • Izzy

    this all looks like stoner food

  • tabitha

    most of them look disgusting.

    • Nocturnesthesia

      Agreed. With the possible exception of 12, these are all pretty gag-worthy.

  • coffee

    none because i don't eat meat

  • Jiggles


  • ayishaaak

    We eat those on a daily basis in Hawai'i.

    • Spam!

      I was going to say, this isn't weird. People eat these everyday here on Guam.

  • http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/ NeoDra

    this one seems good

  • verdad

    #19 is the only one I would honestly try, the rest look disgusting

    • Kelly

      we have a pizza place that makes baked spaghetti pizza, it doesn't look sloppy & dumped on like the pic. it's very tasty. no different than eating an italian pasta dish w/ toasted bread.

  • Frankie

    These probably sounded good in theory, but honestly almost all look unappealing.

  • Christine

    Most of these were created by pregnant women or starving college students.

  • სალახანა

    some of them mmmmm

  • MDW

    Some people call this fat guy porn.

  • nomnomnom

    i would eat all of those things because i am a stoner❤

  • SamanthaKristal

    #6 I've had it, could only eat 1/3 of it. Wasn't that great.

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