• http://thefashpress.blogspot.com/ the fash press

    Emily…You may suck at bean bag throwing but your website rocks!!

    Priyanca xox

  • girlinatux

    # 18… two words. Train wreck. Apparently, they know no one that loves them…

  • ride for the fallen

    #13 this can't be real?????????????????????

  • Guest

    I am amazed the the stupidity..I am just amazed! lol…And that they actually believe it's fashionable to be this ignorant! WOW!

  • thomas

    #13 looks lke a plastic barbie doll whose been fryed under a sunlamp lol

  • kailee

    vinnys hawt<3

  • shell_rose

    #22 idc still hot. and #30 is NOT a douche and he too is hot.

  • Badoof

    #13 IS fake, dont you see her left arm? Its deformed from her trying to make her boobs bigger in Photoshop. Also, the bench is a dead giveaway. Kind of sad someone would have low enough self esteem to do that.

    • Kissie

      Actually it's not fake, she's a "famous" Swedish blogger called Kissie. check out her blog at http://www.kissies.se

  • Distyy

    I disagree with #30 and #22 and #3

  • Abigail

    #15, #16, #18: They're so tanned that they look like they were barbecued.
    #13: What the f-

  • Tom

    #12 Fine as hell but rest are LMFAO

  • Brittany

    #27 don't be mean EVERYONE loves Dora I know I still do and I am ONLY 14. ONLY REAL MAN WEAR DORA BACK PACKS!!!!!!!! (Oh and P!NK COLOURES CLOTHEING)

  • Donnie

    #13 THAT is the ugliest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Good gravy!

  • sweden

    #12 and #13 are both Swedish bloggers. LMAO!

  • donavin

    on 16 you can see the dudes hurps come and go on his lips http://shechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/d-bag

    • Kel

      LMFAO and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • http://www.twitter.com/kelliemurray Kellie

    Why do these guys think it looks good to wax their eyebrows? Real men don't do BS like that. Just say no to manscaping…except for the unibrow LOL.

  • http://hotnessrater.com HotOrNot

    Lots of tanning creme used by these 'people'

  • Rebecca

    #13 is Kissie, some swedish blogger…And yes she really looks like that

  • janeth

    #22 is caliente!!!! luv u pauly d

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    tattoo lotus

    Douchebags Photo Gallery : theBERRY

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