• http://theberry.com/ walkingtheriver

    #8 Who doesn't?

    • christinie2

      I don't, my dad is awesome.😀

    • Mariana

      My dad is already Indiana Jones ; )!!!

  • http://www.mypeaceoffood.com MyPeaceOfFood

    LOVE Post Secret…reminds me I'd like to send one myself!

  • Linda

    #11 Tears in my eyes..

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=668394726 Dana Koch Kane

      I lost my dad to cancer almost 4 years ago and this tore me up😦

  • Bob

    #12…Isn't that pedophilia?? Ooooooooooh, you meant the dad. Sorry, my bad.

    • BobSuxxxx

      You're not funny Bob. You're pathetic.

      • ceruleanbill

        Exactly right.

    • lol


  • coffee

    #11 cancer doesn't listen to anyone, duh

    • semharsay

      Amen. True.

  • fgh

    #11 please kill my dad already, because hasn't got much time left and that is killing my mom

  • Dadisajoke

    #11 Please kill my dad already because he is an abusive bastard.

  • val

    #9 is so sweet❤

  • Come on guys

    I'm surprised at the negativity around this post… Postsecret is all about being positive and releasing at least some small part of your pain.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=668394726 Dana Koch Kane

    i say we boot the negativity ones in this post!!!!

  • togaen

    #1 Dear Post Secret: People who use 'whom' improperly should not be published… 'to be' does not invoke the objective case.

    • GrammerCriticsSuck

      Oh Jeez…get a fucking life and stop being the grammer police!!! People that do that are just compensating for other areas of their life that they feel completely ignorant about…one being What Really Matters!

      • togaen


        • sasharusha

          STFU. Please, and thank you. :)

          • togaen

            ^wants thread to end, adds to thread

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