Bits of art found around the interweb (35 photos)

I found these pieces of art floating around the internet. If you have more information about the artists, please email me at theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. I'd like to give credit where credit is due. Thanks! -Emily

Click HERE for crafty ideas!

  • Becky

    is Daydreamer
    by Chalermphol Harnchakkham

  • aliyabear

    MOAR art posts please!

  • Jules

    Love these posts:)

  • Rebecca

    #16- Brings back memories.

  • myself

    I woud love to have #35 on my wall, its beautiful

  • krystal

    I dont know the artist but I actually have a tattoo of #1😀

  • haha XD

    #18 I need to step up my everyday drawing in my sketch book

  • JoJo

    #7 Graphic Designer ISO50 also known as Tycho
    You can buy his prints and stuff here.

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