With ‘Lion King’ No. 1, where is Jonathan Taylor Thomas? (35 photos)

Ever since the popular sitcom 'Home Improvement' ended, Jonathan Taylor Thomas has taken himself out of the spotlight. LA Times even reached out to "Lion King" studio Disney to see what he was up to. Unfortunately, they were told JTT was not doing any press for the animated classic. So basically he is laying low and not acting. Come back JTT! Let's look back at the former teen heartthrob's prime years.

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  • lulu

    Ha love this…brings back memories! Especially #29 -definitely had a huge crush on Devon Sawa and JTT back in the day!

  • kate

    omg this put a serious smile on my face! he was so freaking cute!
    is it wrong that i'm 27 years old and i look at those old teeny bopper hearthrob mags and i still think that 14 year old looks JTT was hot? LOL

  • Jules-CO

    Oh please Jonathan, come back to the lime light…Do it for the sake of all of us women from the 80s and 90s. Last I heard he lived in Canada or somewhere up north…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Triathlynne Lynne McNaught Sandilands

    He was cute, I mean still is. I always thought he was Tim Allen's real son..:/

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  • Kristen

    He was the first crush of every girl around my age. Every girl I met has liked him

  • Tink

    LOL i had so many of these taped to my wall when i was younger. Dude needs to get buff and THEN come back. And then I will swoon all over again!

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