I don’t want to be rude, but your tattoo is terrible (25 photos)


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  • Ronnie
  • D3R3K

    Most of those are REALLY GOOD work!!! Most people have reasons behind their tattoo's that they dont ever care to explain to their friends. Some just get something because they think it will wake them look cool… like a grim reaper on their chest or Tribal. NEWS FLASH: DOUCHE BAGS!!!

  • Ted Nugent

    Way to go, Emily! These tats are whorrible. Some tats are very classy but none of these.

  • alana

    not all of these are bad…i especially was interested by the green day ticket tattoo on the arm. it may be odd but i thought it was a really cool dedication to the band and possibly a memory of a first concert? who knows. people get tattoos because they either have meaning, or they're just too damn awesome not to get.

  • Nell

    Berry, stop picking professionally done tattoos as "terrible". It's offensive to the artist who worked his/her ass off creating it.

  • JHobbes

    I love the first one. 's made by Peter Aurish.

  • Charlie

    How is a tank girl tatt #29 anything but badass???!

  • Anonymous

    I get the feeling you just don’t like tattoos, in general. While some of these ARE laughable, quite a few of them are beautifully executed and if not “meaningful”, in the traditional sense, you can tell a lot of thought was put into them. Don’t hate just because you don’t agree with it.

  • Carl

    I like tattoos…… but on other people :)
    Not all of these are bad. The Jack Nicholson one was very well done. Portraits are very difficult to do and that one looks great.

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