Morning coffee (39 photos)


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  • Taylor Christianne Perkins

    #6 – is BADASS. Where can we get those??
    #35 – Looovvve Jenna Marbles. :)

  • @InChiaroscuro

    #25 So cute!

  • Rebecca

    I'm loving all the Jenna Marbles love #35

  • Randa

    #9 Looks to me like Ellen turned straight there for a second.

  • Leesha

    I want #6 so bad! Where can I get those?

  • Leesha

    I researched the hand gesture candles. They are made by L’Atelier WM, but they don’t seem to be on sale yet.

  • Radu

    The #25 is the cutest picture from this list.
    And the 28 guys who never touched boob is the most saddest :))

  • Amy

    who is that in #9? (and I'm not talking about Ellen)

    • jos

      alex pettyfer :D

  • MsAnonymous

    #2 #6
    now that's an excellent design idea

  • SamanthaKristal

    I would like some of #7 please… Hot damn!

  • Rachel Grable

    #38 is totally me.

  • Julien

    #35 Jenna Marbels!!!!

    So funny

  • Lauren Williams

    #39 I like belts on men. I especially like taking them off of them, too.

    • Anthony

      I love it when a woman takes my belt off…one of the sexiest mental images

  • Kay


  • Siti Norhidayat

    #7 & #25 LOVE YOU!

  • Daisy

    #35 I liked Marbles until I saw a video where she went on this incredibly high strung, anti-feminist rant. She just sounded so irrational and stupid to me, I completely turned off her.

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