• coffee

    I was going to suggest that a re-production of the ship would be cool, but no one would go on it.

    • tomato

      I totally would. After watching the movie Titanic, I really wanted to go on a cruise because the ship was so beautiful and I thought a cruise would be glamorous. It was!!!

    • Kayla

      In Gatlinburg, TN there is a replica museum of the Titanic. I think it's about half the size, but they have several rooms recreated just like the real Titanic, including the grand staircase. It's really cool.

      • Elisa

        I'm sorry but I just seen your post and I remember the remake of the titanic ! I went on it when I was little and you've been on it you say . . I forgot where it is located at I try to find it a lot and never do. If you can please inform me of where it is I would very much appreciate it fella(: I never come to this website so please send info to my e-mail add. Dimples_native@yahoo.com
        Thank you very much !!

  • Donnie

    Coffee: I'd go quick & in a hurry. How cool!

  • Evelyn

    damnit berry, now i gotta go watch the movie

  • https://www.facebook.com/ambermphillips Amber M. Phillips

    Is it weird of me that I totally expected these photos to be in color because I see it that way in my head, due to the movie?

    • Jen

      I expected they would be in color too.

  • Taylor

    #6 is the sister ship the Olympic

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