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  • James

    #34 is absolutely epic. how people think these things up, class!

    • muffaletta

      Isn't it illegal to mess around and deface or ruin legal tender?

      • Jules-CO

        Yep upwards of a $5,000 fine…..but who cares? Cops have MUCH bigger things to worry about. Dollar origami is supposedly illegal too but there are books published on how to do it….

    • dfgdf

      i want one.

    • Hailey
      • Annie

        Holy cow! $45 for this ring! Why? We know it only cost a penny to make. You can find the material for this ring in a grocery store parking lot or at the bottom of a fountain. lol

  • ely

    #28 I want. Does he have a website?

    • Susan Stiles

      He does not. I can have him forward some pictures.

    • Susan

      My mistake … he does have them posted:

      • Jules-Co

        Wonderful work! If he needs a connection for amazing gems and minerals to use, my brother is a miner/ rock hound-

  • @pezatsea

    I"ve been on theChive too long. First thing I thought was, I have bad news for you. Seriously nice though, way better than anything out there that is Made in China!

  • wharfrat

    some seriously, amazing stuff on here. i dont have a creative bone in body so it's wonderful to see peoples wonderful abilities. thanks for sharing

  • fakeazzz


    • dfgdf

      i think they're interesting, i like the ring

  • Lila

    Can I just say, I love this new crafty segment. Seriously makes my week, and it is amazing to see the things people are creating! I always want to try doing seven or eight of these awesome projects.

  • jamibabi6

    Can anyone tell me where i can find directions to make #20

  • janedoe

    #6 I hope you understand that I'm going to go do this…right now

  • livexstatic

    if someone seriously painted #7
    im in awe <3

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