Kellan Lutz said Twilight was his ‘Golden Ticket’ (9 photos)

Kellan Lutz covers the November 2011 issue of Nylon Guys Magazine. Check out some highlights below:

On the perks of "Twilight" being so popular:
"It was a golden ticket for all of us. Actors act their whole lives just to get what we got."

On feeling like the textbook middle child:
"My mom was always taking care of the troubled older brothers, and then my younger brothers were twins, so she had a lot to handle with them. I was kind of the easy one, which meant that I got lost in the shuffle."

Ashley Greene on Kellan:
"Kellan's like an onion. You need to peel back the layers to really get to know him."

Click HERE to see Kellan Lutz working out!

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