• MissChris

    #6 All day. Every day. He really has that sexy/cute thing nailed!

  • Dom

    I have the HUGEST crush on #13

  • Mee

    Yes…. Just… yes.

    • zpucd

      who is?????? Im clueless :{

  • http://www.facebook.com/sourgirl0 Deanna Hilligoss

    who is #13 and #31?

    • zookeeper

      31 is Cam Gigandet.

    • lexi

      #13 is Aaron Johnson

    • linds

      not sure about 13, but #31 is Cam Gigandet

  • VampJenn

    i know i'm gunna get hate for this but i don't get the appeal of #24 like i think he is good looking but not the hottest man alive as so many people seem to think. i don't know just my opinion

    • lexi

      Absolutely agreed!

    • Shirleyewejest

      He has great bone structure but 99% of the time he looks dirty and smelly, like he needs a shower.

  • http://twitter.com/angel_elle @angel_elle

    #4 and #11 I just❤ them!

    #27 And I don't even like Twilight …but how can I not be team Jacob (idk what that means!)…I mean look at him! rawr!

  • Cindy

    #28 Ryan Reynolds – That is all

    • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

      100% correct.

  • Jaye

    Dammmn…thats all i gotta say!😉 Love em all!

  • Monica

    Antonio Banderas is incredibly handsome❤

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  • BritBerrier

    who is #21? i recognise him, but can't remember

    • shu

      ben barnes, you won't regret checking him out further!

      • BritBerrier

        shit. he looks way different with short hair!!

    • Lola

      He is BEN BARNES I have a total crush on him !!!! ♥♥♥♥

  • linds

    #11, # 28 and # 32 Heath had a great smile

  • Lili

    I would only add Jim Sturgess

  • Melanie

    #12 I love Ben Barnes!!!!! Very Hubba Hubba!

    • Melanie

      Sorry #21 I gots the numbers backwards.. LOL_

  • anna

    omgosh i'll die for #14

  • Rheagan

    nom nom nom nom

  • rocklesson86

    They all so hot except for Josh Harnett.

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  • riepley

    I'd add Thomas Dekker:)
    Love #6!!

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  • Erica

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