• T-Payne

    #18 – Orange Tabby cats are the best. :) (And should also go in the "October is orange" post)

  • mimi

    This reminds me of my Ragdoll cat I had. She got outside and I have to move the next day😦 I can't find her

    • To Be Thier Voice

      mimi…DO NOT GIVE UP ON HER!!!! She is probably hiding somewhere looking AT YOU but is afraid because it's unfamiliar for her….you are moving and distruping the only home she knows. Go back & call her…look for her…put out some clothing that has YOUR scent on it…set up one of those safe traps with some food…something like a can of sardines or tuna because it will attract her when she is really hungry…not canned or dry 'cat food'. When she walks in it will trip the door to close and you have her again!! If you are moving too far away to do that then PLEASE have a friend or neighbor take care of it. JUST REMEMBER…SHE DID NOT LEAVE YOU…SHE RAN OUTSIDE BECAUSE SHE WAS SCARED…YOU HAVE TO TRY EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET HER BACK because she is helpless right now and the TRUTH IS…….YOU….are LEAVING HER if you don't at least try?

      • http://hugyourpillow.tk kai

        ahm? okay

  • Cathryn

    #20 I'd call him Poirot.😀

  • SushiMutilator

    #17 awww
    snuggle snuggle snuggle

  • Thoopeki

    There are many pics of Maru. Look the cat up from YouTube if you don't know him. :3
    It's a great stress reliever to watch those videos.:)

    The moustache cat is amazingly cute.😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=776033713 Brenda Issangya

    Awww!!! I can't get over the cuteness of #22!

  • katya

    i luv those pics:$

  • https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteGoubin Charlotte G-Photografille

    Hello, the picture with the kitten (N°7) is mine (with copyright !) I'm sorry but you are not allowed to use it without my permission. Can you remove it please ? Thank you so much. Charlotte

  • Naoyuki

    the funny thing is, I’m so out of touch with who “snookie” is I still don’t know which pictures are of her but I’ve laeenrd that she must be a MTV personality? My bad

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