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    #39 I'm glad your prayers were answered.

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    #36 is so sweet.

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    Hi! Mine were about 2 months when I got them. I spent the first week with them, and then the next week with them lcekod in their shed while I was away and let out frequently (every few hours), and then started leaving them alone in the yard. But they still cry every morning with the sunrise, and shriek when they hear my voice or see me in the window .. apparently they are now atuned to the sound of my car engine. My neighbors say they’re quiet when I’m at work but the second my car comes up the hill they start bleating. My secret weapon is alfalfa. I give them alfalfa before I leave them alone and they love it some much they pig out on it and I can sneak away. They give a little sad croak but then go back to eating, so it’s been my saving grace. At this rate they’ll probably end up obese, but its the only cure to silence them.I also highly recommend giving your neighbors small bags of chocolate treats and a note thanking them for their patience. Then they feel like they *can’t* complain! I’ll check out your blog too! Thanks for reading.

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