The whimsical Alice in Wonderland restaurant (12 photos)

Lewis Carroll’s classic novels come alive at the Alice of Magic World restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan. The decoration consists of different themes/rooms inspired by the Wonderland. The fantasy world was designed by Eiichi Maruyama and Katsunori Suzuki.

Click HERE to see the Harry Potter theme park.

  • @KayTeeBee276

    this is freaking awesome! trip to Japan anyone??

    • BoyFromWales

      I'm up for that trip!

  • Rachel Grable

    Why does Japan get all the cool stuff?!

  • Amelia K.

    I will definitely put this restaurant on my list of places to go when I study in Japan next year!

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  • PurpleSummer

    there's also one in D.C., called Madhatter!

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