Afternoon eye candy: Aaron Rodgers (30 photos)

We asked YOU to choose the hottie for Afternoon Eye Candy today. It was soooo close, but Aaron Rodgers won with the most votes!

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  • Rachel Grable

    Noooooo!! Where's GAVIN?!

    • Lola

      I know. I AM DISAPPOINT.😦

  • clayswife

    Love my GREEN BAY PACKAZ!!!!

  • Anonymous

    best. post. ever😉

  • Ricky

    Aaron Rodgers is the man!!! Im from Green Bay so I love the Packers and A-Rod….might be the only man I would go gay for…..weird…..? Nahhhh. GO PACK GO!!!!

    • clayswife

      Hahahahaha… NOBODY from WI would judge you:) GO PACK!!

    • Tina-Marie Payne

      Not judging, except that you stole the nickname from Alex Rodriguez, NY Yankees. 😛

      Kudos to your whole-hearted fan-dom, tho.

  • Jessica Herbert


  • Cindy

    That's it. The Berry is officially boycotted after I am done typing (for at least a day or two). Why didn't you include a picture of Douchey McDouchalstein walking past the Cancer Patient in the air port who was waiting with her Packers hat to have autographed – the one she wore the whole time she was in treatment. The one Douche bag completely ignored – I guess he has more important things to do then sign Jan Cavanaugh's hat as she stands there crying with excitement. Shame on you Aaron. Go Bears!

    • tomato

      Dude- you don't even know the whole story. Get your facts straight: he previously met her, and she gave an interview saying she was "dismayed at all the criticism he received". He does a LOT of CHARITY work with local hospitals. Jealous much of this awesome QB??

    • @myawfulroommate

      He already met her, also even if he didn't who gives a shit, yeah it sucks that she has cancer but having something bad happen to you doesn't entitle you to be able to guilt others into doing stuff

      • clayswife

        Cindy is just mad because Jay Cutler sucks and has an ugly butt chin. I don't see him doing charity work. 2-3… congrats on your awesome season!! GO PACK GO!!

  • simchick1016

    #19 Holy Hell. You put that in there! I love you Berry, thank you so much, this made my day!!😀

  • Mike

    Cindy, the author of that story immediately retracted it and admitted that it was completely false. Check your facts before you try to criticize someone as awesome as Aaron Rodgers. It just makes you look like an idiot.

    Here's the author's apology letter:

    You just got served!

    • Cindy

      Finish reading it: They retracted it because Green Bay ( nay – Aaron's people) threatened to sue (which is also why the video was pulled off the internet so quickly) – My main point is Go Bears! :o) But did you have a chance to view the video? It is awful. A total embarrassment. Normally I like to argue my point into the ground but I just don't care enough to. I'm sure Aaron is a great guy but until he QB's for ANY other team he is a douche bag in my book. Again, I repeat – GO BEARS!

      • tomato

        until he QBs for any other team? What do you have against the packers? They are a good, home-town team with players who aren't a-holes or d-bags, and the fans are actually the owners. I am PROUD to be an owner of the Green Bay Packers- best Christmas present I ever received:)

        • Cindy

          As a Bears fan it is my destiny to HATE all things Packers. It is what it is

          • Ricky

            Cindy you just seem to be a little hostile over this, is it because GB has one of the best QB's in the league and Chicago has a big baby taking the snaps? Im sure he can be a great QB but until Cutler mans up and stops crying about everything he is a douche bag in my book. GO PACK!!

            • clayswife

              Big old babeh! Thats why da Bears (still suck) are 2-3!

  • Lana


  • keri

    he is disgusting!!!

  • @angel_elle

    He has a nice smile, but I am not a fan. Sorry AR I gotta thing for boys in Orange and Blue!😀

  • Emma

    made. my. day.

    • clayswife

      This isn't Emma S from WI is it…. ?

  • stevenfbrackett

    What no pictures of him preforming with his band? Disappointed there.

    On the other hand, #22 just became my wallpaper until at least season's end.

  • Liz

    Good god, thank you for this, from Wisconsin!!!!! We love him here!!!

  • Megan

    future husband.:)

  • Martha

    FINALLY!!!! It’s about time we get some recognition! All anyone ever talks about is Brady. You’d think super bowl champs would get more coverage? No point in arguing with a bears fan. Sore loser much? I’d take Rodgers over Cutler any day.

  • hellokehtty

    Well, it's official. I'm in love.

  • @orchidfiend

    Aw Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm so glad theberry did this!

  • misschris

    #5 He sure does clean up nice!

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  • baboocole

    I'm a huge, HUGE Bears fan from Wisconsin who lives in Madison. I really hate the Packers, but even I have to admit that AR is pretty damn zexy. Le sigh…

  • nisha


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    • julie

      I think you can find it at…yummy

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  • terri

    looks good with tan….love to see the tan lines

  • Frank

    Aaron is my dream of a man……

    • Johnny

      OMG YESS. someone needs to get pictures of rodger's muscles. i cannot wait to see them every packer game(;

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