My dream kitchen(s) (37 photos)


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  • Emma Oliver

    *looks through this post gathering ideas for when she eventually has a permenant home*

    • chelsearules

      For sure! When I inevitably build my dream home, I think I'll call it "The Berry House."

  • Katie

    no 31….You Need Some Bar Stools!

  • Tina-Marie Payne

    #33 def my favorite. Especially since I see it is in tropical location. :)

  • silver_dragon_girl

    #32 and #3….*drool*

  • amandiola

    I want every single one. I love the teapots in #28

  • chelsearules

    #10 Disco Ball in the Kitchen! Par-tay!

  • Jamie Huntley

    #32 is definitely my dream kitchen

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