Looks like an ab-tastic movie (9 photos)


Henry Cavill and Kellan Lutz looking inhumanly hot in 'Immortals' movie stills.

Click HERE to see Kellan Lutz’s crazy workout moves.


Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of theBERRY, loves to travel, embraces awkward moments, and appreciates anything that has to do female empowerment. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • Ava

    Wow #9
    So hot!!! Ill clean you up dirty boy :)

  • femtrooper

    #8 Sweet a breastplate without nipples

  • Superman

    I'm more excited to see him as Superman

  • ale

    Who expects a good plot in this movie?… not like I care.

  • cjw

    Abs are great but a tad overrated

    • tomato

      i'd take abs over a beer belly any day

  • amandiola

    I want to see this movie but I know it'll be just hot abs and an erroenous historical base.

  • bubblerider86

    yes please….

  • tomato

    #3 oh my… look at how RIPPED his arms are

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