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    #3 then work out… you can start by having more SEX:)

  • LC

    #1 is my DREAM whenever I go to NYC. No Cash Cab yet😦 #7 and #8 describe me to a T.

  • mskris

    #2 If it's a good memory then don't be ashamed.

    • tcja4

      I too had a white trash childhood but am proud that I was smart enough to move beyond it and thankful that everything I went through made me the strong, wise person I am now. Instead of thinking of yourself as uncultured, think of yourself as educated in the college of life. From my own experience, my 'cultured' friends haven't had half of the crazy, fun adventures I've had. Because of that, I'm much more grateful for the life I now have. Poverty doesn't make us less worthy as long as we stop the pattern of the bad PWT behaviors.

  • Mira

    #4 lol that's not how it works. Sorry.

    I used to think postsecrets was interesting but now it's just a pile of whiny people with 1st world problems.

    • Trent


  • bubblerider86

    Post Secret posts have become a favorite for me

  • Lau

    #9 I don't really think there is a wrong way???

  • Hailey

    #1 – Too bad the people are totally chosen before the show. They aren't just "random" passengers.😦

  • Its A No Go

    #2 Your "cultured friends" are TRASH if they judge you on your childhood.

  • Can't be done

    #4 LOL LOL LOL… sorry, it can't be done. Once you lose your virginity… it is gone forever. Sorry sweetie, there's no "taking it back".

    • It can be done.

      But what is virginity but a social construct? How do you really 'lose' it? Do you 'lose' it when you have penis in vaginal sex? What about oral? Anal? What about people who will never have penises in them? Can lesbians truly 'lose' their virginity?

      Would it be wrong if this person went around saying they NEVER had sex before? Yes. But, if the sex they had was bad, than I would say that they are alright in saying that they have never had GOOD sex before, whatever their idea of good sex is.

      'Virginity' or as I like to call it, 'sexual debut' is done in stages. There is no black and white. So they can 'take it back' as they feel as though they have not completely made their sexual debut or made it in an unsatisfactory way.

      And besides, with so many ways to make a sexual debut, why stop at one? Virginity is such an antiquated term anyway.

      • Brah

        Virginity is a hymen. Unless she can regrow one, she's not a virgin. No need to complicate this stuff.

        • Gracie

          Actually virginity isn't a hymen in today's world because girls are more active its often broken a lot earlier from sports. Are you saying that all the 13yr olds out there without hymens are not virgins even if they have never even seen a penis before? The way I see it if she chose to have sex then she's lost her virginity we all make decisions we regret and we have to live with and there is no point in denial but if she didn't choose then its rape not sex and she is till a virgin.

  • DoWopper

    #7-I'm with you all the way!

  • SwingoutScott

    #5. I usually sympathize with Post Secret posters, but you deserve it,

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