• Lola

    Red Velvet is my absolute FAVORITE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    Excuse me while I go clean up *drools*

  • Ashley

    number 34 is my dream come true. i MUST have the recipe!!!

  • meee

    #23 is Red Velvet CHEESECAKE from the Cheesecake Factory. It is orgasmic.

    • Superman

      it is the best dessert ever!!!

  • KenniBakes

    I get so angry when people say that red velvet is just chocolate cake. It is so much more than that!

    • coffee

      yes..it is chocolate cake with red food coloring. lol

      • KenniBakes

        It's actually a white cake with a small amount of cocoa powder.

  • laurennsfw

    red velvet is the best cake flavor ever. this post made me drool. the ben and jerry's red velvet cake ice cream is very disappointing tho😦

    • Lola

      Agreed. For some reason it tastes like strawberry. =/

      • laurennsfw

        omg i thought the same thing!

  • ale

    #25 I made some of those… they where so cute.

  • fifa

    Oh sweet deliciousness, how I drool at the sight of thee.

  • thedix

    you'r killing me with these crafts posts *_*

  • rutel

    Omg omg. give me a large spoon and serious amount of thet delicious toasty cupcake toppong and i’m a happy person!:)

  • rutel

    Omg omg. give me a large spoon and serious amount of that delicious toasty cupcake topping and i’m a happy person!:)

  • pingling

    iv never EVER had red velvet cake……
    now i want some….
    but i cant……
    i dont think my bakery stores even know what 'red velvet' is….😦

  • Nair

    On the sleeves, I tried erpixeementing with things there as well, mainly as I was looking at an even earlier image from the late 1490s where it was clear that the woman’s sleeves did not go into an armhole, as there was a distinct fabric pattern that went onto her shoulder area. Now if only they would turn around.So I draped some muslin, played around with it, did some research, and had the following thoughts before I gave up.1. Possibly an extension of the “” sleeves from the medieval period.or2. Possibly the bodice is wrapped around the body as a slightly shaped rectangle. Then the sleeve is “attached” at the top of the body tube in the back, and is shaped into the sleeve. This is what I tried to do, but my skills at draping at that time were non-existent, so I got frustrated and moved onto something else.I look forward to seeing more of what you are doing.

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