Gwen Stefani: “The makeup goes on every day, even if I’m not going anywhere” (6 photos)

Gwen Stefani is the newest cover girl for InStyle Magazine. Check out interview highlights below:

On being a mom: “Being a mother is probably the most challenging thing I do.” She continued, “At work I’ve learned how to delegate. You don’t have to be on a ladder in a warehouse, micromanaging. You can be at home. And teamwork is also such a big part of marriage and parenting.”

Her trademark blonde: “My hair color is L’Oréal, but I won’t reveal the number. And I do my roots as often as Marilyn Monroe did hers. I’m serious. I found out.”

The one time she went red: “Right after we came home from the first No Doubt tour I felt like I might get recognized, so I colored my hair red. And I hated it.”

Her makeup: “The makeup goes on every day, even if I’m not going anywhere.”

Click HERE to see Gwen Stefani modeling it up for Elle!

  • Typ

    Love her and her cute lil' kids❤

  • @InChiaroscuro

    She is so insanely beautiful. It's a pleasure just to watch her.

  • SwingoutScott

    I find the makeupcomment really interesting because the first time I found her interesting was when she went san-makeup for the No Doubt video "Underneath It All", I mean, that took guts.

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