• dorothy

    why is justin bieber in here?

  • Katie

    Really? I Didn't Know Theberry Was For 12 Year Olds…..(Justin Beiber)

  • http://www.facebook.com/christie.kroskie Christie Kroskie

    I really love # 9, its from my old high school Lowell High School in Lowell, MI

    • KatieO

      That is awesome! I wish my alma mater had that much pride!

  • KatieO

    On Saturday K-State played KU and the jayhawks were sporting pink. There were a ton of people in the stands wearing pink instead of purple or red and blue. And it was all for a woman that lived in Lawrence but but was an avid K-State fan. She challenged her friends and family to raise money for the infusion rooms that she spent so much time in, receiving her chemo treatments. Everyone should read about this inspiring story! http://www.jamieswish.org/ so cool. Go Cats!!

  • mderynn

    #22 Should be made into a shirt and sold on "The Chivery."

    • Rebecca


    • http://www.facebook.com/jen.rodasky Jenny Rodasky

      Brilliant. I'd buy at least 3 of them.

  • HGrow

    that one should of been hot woman wears pink.
    Ah ha ha ha.

  • em62

    #23 Real Men Wear Pink… nope.

  • llano2

    Way TOO much money goes to support breast cancer. There are so many other diseases like pulmonary fibrosis that kill just as many people, women and men, and they receive 1/10000 the contributions.

  • uninvited guest

    #19 hellooooooo hottie!

  • testington

    I can't help but think all the money spent on buying pink crap and putting on ads everywhere would be better spent actually going into research. Breast cancer sucks and all, but it's PR machine is ridiculous

  • rocklesson86

    I not a fan of pink, but some of these guys looked good in it.

  • Christie

    #13, #4 I love me some hot hockey boys!

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