• Julie

    Have you EVER watched her videos? Her taste is impeccable! She has so many different ideas that she puts into play thoughout every single one of her concerts. And does it really matter why she has a big house, or how much it cost? She has earned every single cent she has on her own. She's a self made celebrity. Not one from a reality show. Spend it however you want Taylor. I think you are an amazing woman who followed her dreams and they came true.

  • guest

    That's not her home, that's her parents'. In Nashville, we all know where she lives and that ain't it.

  • jaysea

    Hate the entrance! The inside looks like a model. It's a "cold" looking house..not inviting or lived in. The kitchen seems dark & icy cold. To each his own!

  • Bill Schooner - VT

    She's so gorgeous sweet and kind. Not to mention grand talent with her golden voice. I love her and this house looks ok, old fashion and different. Cut up a lot into small rooms. She's alone if not secretly dating. Whoever wins her beautiful hand is one lucky man.
    Taylor, your so beautiful, you have the whole world in your hands.. "Love ya"

  • Cindy

    Definitely clean! But too sterile for my taste. I like elegant French Country but everyone's different…

  • anotherswiftiechick

    Well, I think that it's beautiful. And it's her parents' house, not hers. She worked to make herself known, and she did it. On her own. Therefore, she deserves it. Her money. Her choice on how to spend it. So maybe if everyone else was that successful, they wouldn't be complaining about how "ugly" her parents' absolutely STUNNING home is. Js.

  • Giselle

    This is truly a beautiful home. For some people some rooms might look gloomy. But I think she has a room for every mood. Bright and cheerful and dark and cuddly! Why she needs a big house? Well, I guess she will have company, parties, family and friends to stay. And anywho is it really our business how she chooses to live?

  • Denise

    I could hang out in that kitchen. All the cooking I would do.

  • elise

    Looks like mom and dad r going to live there.Not a young girls taste at all. She needs a more modern pad.

  • Bobby

    It’s beautiful! Suprized she has that much dough!!! WOW SHOCKER!!!!!!!

  • Bonny

    Suprizied!!! She has a lot of dough 2.5 million!!! WOW SHOCKER!!!!!! Love u Taylor

  • Teresa

    They are all beautiful. How will they pick just one? You did a great job. Hope my whole fimaly will be at the wedding so I can have you snap lots and lots of group shots. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  • Arkadiusz

    Please tell me the title is a reference to Eric Hutchinson. Ditto on the wsdhiashing and the favorite people living in the computer.And it’s super good that you DO plan out meals so you don’t waste anything! I wish I could do that! But I’m too picky certain days I want certain things, just depending on my mood. and I guess that means Pretty Little Liars is good? I’ve been vaguely intrigued for awhile and couldn’t decide if I wanted to watch

  • taylorswift13fan

    she bought this for her parents -.-

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