• http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    I never understood WHY all celebs have to have these perfect big houses? Not being mean or anything but what's the point? It's too big and they probably don't spend any time in there anyways, it doesn't even look… homey. Swimming pool always rock though:)

  • lexi

    What a beautiful house. Very confusing design though, about 4 different architectural styles going on. Agreed with DanaShades, definitely a family home.

    • Phil Bittle

      A pup tent would be a mansion with her in it … !

  • katie

    It doesn't look comfortable, like I can't imagine anyone hanging out anywhere in that house

  • Guest

    Lol I don't understand why these celebs have such huge refrigerators. It's not like they have huge families living with them to feed… As far as I've seen at least.

    • Lola

      It's not like they eat that much to begin with either!

    • paula

      They have huge parties!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1617688376 Rose Smedile

    Ugly…needs more color.

  • rose

    Well she's beautiful and rich…good for her😦

  • http://twitter.com/ANNAOMGZ @ANNAOMGZ

    I'm surprised she didn't have it built to look like the Cinderella castle at Disney World.

    • Billk29

      Yes and she could hire a prince charming to rescue her from a golden tower every day and give her 'true love's kiss'. Then later write a song about how he took advantage of her.

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  • cephaloscotti

    I'm underwhelmed. This looks like a generic magazine spread, not like a home.

    • scott

      Well, I think that it is as beautiful as she is!

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  • Amy

    Umm this is what it looked like when she bought it. Obviously it does not look like that now, if she redecorated.

  • patti

    It look like it is a home for a retired southern belle, very old and gloomy too gloomy for someone her age.

  • joe miller

    i would have built a beautiful log home

    • bhh71154

      True that, Joe!

    • Tye

      I agree Joe—-seems this country girl would have built a beautiful log home…….I know I would have. But hey, she took the chances–made it big and I think she has the right to live wher ever and in what ever she wants. So, who am I to judge….

  • Diane

    I agree why do stars, or anyone for that matter, need a house like that, why would you even want one. How many rooms do you use. Not homey, not even particularly pretty. What does she do, roam from room to room alone. I don't like it, but then again, I don't live there.

  • http://www.e-fredster.com Fred

    With the Millions they have they need tax deductions.

  • Me the guest

    This home is not for her. She bought this for her parents. She lives in penthouse apartment in my building.

    • rachel

      can you please tell me where your building is? im from nyc and a die hard taylor swift fan. im 15 and going to nashville next summer just to visit all the places shes been to! can you please tell me where your (her) building is!?

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  • 2martins

    Another article says she bought it *for her parents*.

  • Taylor Fan

    I think this is a perfect house for her. Because he likes this kind of style and she LOVES to cook so the kitchen is perfect, especially with that big fridge! I also like the fact that she kinda bought a more smaller house than most celebrities, theirs are usually GIGANTIC and would cost like 52 million. All in all, this is a beautiful home and it's probably not the style that some people want, but it's HER home and she loves it!

    • Jill

      I agree. I love Taylor and if this is what she wants, then people shouldn't complain. It's not their money so why say anything?

      • another swiftie

        Exactly. She works just as hard as everyone else, and she's an adult. It's her money, so it's her choice on what to do with it. If she wanted to buy a 2.5 million dollar house, that was HER choice. Not anyone else's. So yay for Taylor!:)

  • Vera

    Black and White? looks like a freaking morgue.

  • Jean

    I liked the entry and exit – in between was – well, let's see – – – – NOT PRETTY.

    • courtney

      its gorgeous! and those pics are before she moved any of her homey stuff in. you just dont understand old fashion beauty

  • joyce

    o u guys r all just jealous …… she has it all and it dont matter what u all think😦 ,,,,,, i love her for her not for what she has , how she lives .


    Shes how old??? This house looks likes it for an older couple not someone her age. She needs something more suited to her age. But is very beautiful for someone else.

  • donna

    I'm assuming those pictures were from the real estate agent who sold her the house…..i can't imagine a young girl with taste like that!!!!

  • Marty

    Yeah this house looks like a wealthy grandma and granpa should be living in it. Not a Tiger Beat teen idol. She needs a modern home that is more age appropriate friendly.

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