• http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    I…just… what? My brain is full of fuck after checking this post.

  • katie

    #31 I hate when people spell "tomorrow" with an "a"

  • sally3

    epic post!

  • mderynn

    #18, the creepy plastic baby in that back.

  • ange

    #7 i'm sure he loves you too

  • http://www.ubergnome.com Falthor

    I could be wrong but #15 is a picture from Windsor Ontario Canada… the building isn't there anymore but the weight watchers is still right next door to theBasken Robbins.

  • misschris

    #20 Oh no! How did the tattoo artist let this happen?? Hopefully it was some kind of inside joke…

    • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

      Umm… am I missing something? It is Bob Marley, right? And it says Bob Marley in it. Yeah the 'e' and 'y' is hard to figure out, but they are there. Cannot locate fail? =/

      • Chris

        The picture part is Jimi Hendrix not Bob Marley.

      • daveh873

        Yes. You are missing something.

      • aliyabear


      • Armedann Dangerous

        Dana is now my favorite person to follow on Twitter! Could be the greatest post on line ever.

      • vservo

        lmao its not bob marley its jimi hendrix

  • Katie

    Thing about #14 is… I know plenty of people who grew up in the IRA, and often times one of the ways kids would prove their loyalty to their family/Eire/the cause they would give themselves a tattoo. My boyfriend gave himself a pentagram when he was 9 to prove himself, though he told me that Celtic crosses and Claddaghs (like the one in the picture) were very common for children who 'proved themselves' when they were in their pre-teens/early teens.

    • blub_glub


    • vservo

      LMAO ya your boyfriend gave himself a pentagram to prove himself to the IRA LMFAO

  • blub_glub

    #4 omg!!! where do i pay the fare?!

  • balorati

    #32 is actually pretty sweet…seems like my kind of man.

  • neilandthewhale

    #16 makes me sceptical they were psychics. As a chiver trying the berry, I liked it

  • brain

    #4 That’s a PhotoShop by Neil Cicirega.


    #13 I Be_Living too and number #20 LOLLL he was looking at the wrong photo

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