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    Love the colors as always, but this one picture reminded of something I read once. I think it was stated that blue-colored foods are the least appealing and people usually don't like to eat them because there are no food that is naturally blue. It's an instinct thing I guess.😀
    Would you eat?

    • Lola

      it's cake! of course i would!:)

    • anon

      aren't blueberries blue?

  • lulu

    where can i get #13??

  • Maren

    #2 Oh Anthropologie! Why do you have to be so far out of my price range!?!

  • Lila

    Tasty Smurf, the shortest-lived Smurf of them all.


  • Bryan

    Hi LiI really know what you are going thruogh. My partner gives me the silent treatment every so often. It started with a day or to and gradually progressed. The last episode was for 3 months!! It was hard to deal with for so long but I have become immune to it. It has been a year and 3 months since the last bout and low and behold this morning , a dissagreement occured and now the silent treatment has begun.My advice to you is get on with your life, do everything you would normally do just without him. Go and see friends just get on with your life and show him that it will not stop you functioning and that he is not in control. Since doing this I feel my partner has realised that he does not affect me any more and has happened less often.I remember feeling sooo bad, there was nowhere else to go but up. Hope this helps you, it worked for me.

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