Introducing theBERRY Dating!

theberry dating lead pic Introducing theBERRY Dating!

Hi Berries! We’ve received hundreds of emails from BERRY fans asking us to create a BERRY dating site. As fate would have it, we were recently approached by a cool new dating site, How About We, who wanted to partner with theBERRY and theCHIVE and offer our community a dating service.

How About We has become wildly popular by taking a fresh approach to online dating by keeping it simple. They know people don’t have time to commit their entire afternoon/evening to a potentially boring date. The idea behind How About We is to simply fill in some easy blanks. For example, just ask, “How about we… have a picnic. I’ll bring the wine!”, or “How about we… Go for a hike.”

Fill in the time you’re available and if somebody is intrigued by your idea, the date is set. How About We is easy to navigate and removes many of the pressures associated with online dating.

How About We has integrated a dating section on theBERRY and we’re launching it today. It’s not inclusive to just BERRY fans. They have their dating service integrated with other sites, including our brother site,, that open up the dating pool substantially.

Take it for a free test drive and enjoy. Here at theBERRY we’re big on helping our community make connections. We know it’s not for everybody but we also know there’s a lot of people who will enjoy this easy-to-use service and hopefully find somebody to make them happy. Check out theBERRY dating site right here and enjoy!

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