• Seldi84

    I wondered why she had a smile on her face.

  • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    There are some many people who say that bullying made them stronger. For me it just made me insecure and thought me to hate people.😦

    • PiaTheStrongOne

      my best friend was my bully, the popular girl would get every one in my grade (200 students) not to talk to me, and then throw food at me when i didnt apologize to her because she told me to stop breathing, and i didnt.

      this was pre school till up to the 7th grade, when i grew stronger and i bitch slapped her and used scathing words until she was reduced to tears, it was the first and last time iv ever been so violent, even though we are in 10th grade now, whenever i pass by her in the hall ways, she still looks at me with fear.
      she made my life living hell, i tried suicide too but now iv forgiven her and iv forgotten her, still dont how to tell her i wont harm her…..maybe its better this way😀 she learnt her lesson.

    • Randa

      I was bullied for my glasses, my weight, my teeth, even because I was quiet.
      It didn't make me stronger either, only more closed off and so insecure that I barely spoke a word to anyone. It's only now that I've reached adulthood that I've found what's left of my confidence and have begun pulling myself back up. It's hard, but I can (hopefully) do it.

      • Chubby

        You can.
        Really, you can do it.

        Love yourself.

    • PerryJ.

      I send anonymous hate mail to my bullies. They deserve it. Hope they enjoy opening packages of excrement. LOL

    • Brah

      I wish bullying made me stronger. All it's done is destroyed my confidence and made me afraid of others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FlibseyEmma Emma Oliver

    #4 me too😦

    • AsciiAdam

      That one hit home.

      • Lola

        Get help! There's no shame in that.:) My mom's friend fought depression for many years and she wouldn't get any help, she didn't *want* any help. 2 years ago, she committed suicide, and I wish now that there was something we could've done and she could've gotten the help that she needed. You don't have to fight through this alone!

        • AsciiAdam

          Don't worry about me. As an Iraq War Vet I take full advantage of my VA. I was just commenting on the feeling of the card. It is just one of those "My life is great, why do I feel so terrible" moments.

        • Lau

          That's always the worst part. You can't help those who won't help themselves. During my psych nursing clinical, I saw a lot of stuff like that. They didn't want help and refused to take it when given. It's always sad to be a part of </3

          • Manjunath

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  • DoWopper

    #4, I am totally, completely with you on this one! I am in the same exact situation. So sorry you are, too. But at the very least–at least we are aware of this.
    #5, you are weird.
    #6, how unkind. Wait until you come across a reall A$$ with a beautiful nose.

  • PerryJ.

    #12 I wanna punch you in the nose

    • DMD

      That one's disgusting.

  • PerryJ.

    #10 O wanna punch you in the nose.

  • PerryJ.

    #6 Finally…. I wanna punch YOU in the nose

  • DMD

    #10 – It's so good to finally see a post secret that's positive (as opposed to horrible people covering up who they really are)

  • Hengame

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