• mderynn

    Cutest couple award goes to #39

  • Tigsy

    #50 Love it!😀

  • Venus

    #57 Mumford and Sons YAY!!!!

  • Brenda

    I need to get me one! #23

  • Jeanette

    #23 I WANT IT!!!

  • Ling

    #52 still ugly.

  • Kelly

    #52 I don't particularly like it but I do applaud you for attempting it & you did a good job!! Maybe it would look a little better if the tie was a little shorter:-) Keep doin' your thang, girl!!

    • Teaganz

      I think a skinny tie might look a little sharper, too. A fat tie makes the whole thing look a bit on the bulky side.

  • Anonymous

    Loving all the Tom Welling!

  • http://twitter.com/ellefell @ellefell

    #44 paul newman the best leading man ever

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