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  • Laura Leidlein

    Thanks Berry for featuring my crafts :) <3 #25 #26

    • Hailey

      I love the necklace!
      I had no idea what the picture was but then I realized it's Michigan!

      • Laura Leidlein

        Thanks! There's only one available on my Etsy, if you wanna grab it!

        Michigan residents love showing their pride :) I made that particular set originally for a good friend who was moving from Michigan to Florida.

  • Hailey

    #19 looks really ugly to me.. :(

    • FugHat

      Amen to that

  • SARmedic

    #29 No fire hazard there, lol.

    • Lola

      Ha Ha Ha just relized that.

  • gingermidgetsunite

    What is #27 supposed to be?

    • @myawfulroommate

      was wondering the same thing? WTF

  • Stacy

    #1 and #2:
    Leaving out some critical pictures…

  • Leonel Libreyloko

    #26 Ahh, my old state in The States. :P

  • Laura Leidlein

    if its supposed to be a scarf or neck tie of some sort they need it to be on a model. otherwise it does just look like a waste of a shirt.

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  • Kara

    Please remove the cupcake liner pomander. It was stolen from my site, Kara's Party Ideas. I appreciate your prompt attention to this. Thank you.

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