And the MEGA post winner is… Britney Spears (40 photos)

Yesterday, theBERRY had a post over what celebrity has the best wax figure. The star with the most votes would receive a mega post. Britney Spears won!

Click HERE to see Britney’s ‘Criminal’ music video.

  • Manuela

    These are some really good pictures of Britney:) especially #6 and #23

  • dfgdf

    #39, lol, is that her straddling a jonas?

  • katie

    #27 Question 8- you little liar lol
    Love her even tho she has had a few bad years

  • Randa

    #27 Wow, I forgot she used to look normal.

  • ale

    #5 I still remember that performance… She danced / looked like a selvatic goddess. My jaw was open the whole time.

  • leigh

    She was so pretty what did she to do herself??

  • introvertedleigh

    She was soo pretty and then she ruined herself. Shame

  • @chelsea_mac1

    #8 can this be real again

  • Samantha Kristal

    She's such a fat mess now, what happened?😦

  • naty

    #33 #38 pretty and natural

  • the other Jen

    give me her old body PLEASE!

  • bree1912

    Awww I was so hoping for some Bruce Willis : (

  • Nasir Ali Khan

    Number 16 picture is very nice and fits with your work.

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