• Art

    #17 Disney's California Adventure "World of Color" show!! Best show ive ever seen at disneyland! If you haven't seen it, make plans now!!

  • katie

    #13 Want!!

    • Maren

      Where to get this? It's sweet!

      • Jules-CO

        Agreed! This is a must have! Can someone please post if found?

      • Jules-CO

        …Now if only I could afford it!

        I found this one, which is similar….The one the Berry has though seems to be some sort of special laptop that can change the LED color with downloadable apps. Or another pic I found while searching- a lady had a laptop with an LED keyboard, she took markers to it to rainbowify it, looked pretty cool.:)

    • Monagan

      it's an alienware laptop, but the company also makes just a keyboard that has the same features, so here's the link:)

  • Rosalinda

  • Katie

    what's #2 and how do i make it?

  • dfgdf

    #24 i think i like this better than the zombie face i saw all halloween

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