• fjfjf

    everyone judging you in while you're walking around in your underwear..nor for me

  • soda pop

    They are the hottest women on this planet….

  • FionnR

    Would ye mind putting this on the chive? I've a funny feeling it'd do pretty well:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tineysmith Christine Smith

    i love how they act like they choose on their personality

  • vanessa

    they are beautiful! but …..all skin and bones??….
    not that cute

  • Ava

    It's really sad that the models are not all different sizes and heights, not every girl can relate to a 6 foot skinny mannequin model selling lingerie. Most women are average height, 5'3 to 5'6, and around 125-150 lbs. victoria's secret needs a more variety of shapes and sizes to identify with the REAL woman.

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