Mystical, magical trees (35 photos)


Click HERE for more beautiful nature photos!

  • mali_sapun

    this is beautifu #28 , but this is spooky #12

  • silver_dragon_girl

    Beautiful! :)

  • Jessica Doyle

    Hi! Wow! A friend saw my art here and let me know…

    Thanks for featuring the (#8) Magnolia Art (in pink) within your post. Do you mind linking to where you pulled the file and giving me credit as the original artist. I license my art under Creative Commons which allows for easy sharing with appropriate attribution. I notice that none of the other images and photographs are linked to their original creators either. A simple link back to my blog would be great. Thank you :)

  • lili


  • kasey

    Hey #35 is my school! Go UW!

  • Sora

    @Jessica – Very pretty! I'm checking out your blog and etsy shop now…

  • Jessica Doyle

    Thanks for placing a link to my blog TheBerry. Cheers!

    Thank you @Sora!

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