• Candy

    Yikes! Where to begin?
    1. Pocahontas was not Navajo.
    2. Navajo prints, crafts, etc are protected entities. One cannot call Southwesterly patterns Navajo without being of that tribe.
    3. Feathers and leather do not "Native American" or Navajo make.

    • EpicMalarkey

      exactly. thank you. the clothes are beautiful, but it is incorrect to label it all as "Navajo"

    • berrylove

      Navajo is just the style of clothing in fashion terms, its not specified by Native Americans it just fashion terms. Google it. Don't hate on fashion

      • headless

        i don't think they were hating on fashion but just wanted a more politically correct term.

      • EpicMalarkey

        I'm not hating on the fashion. I do find it very beautiful. But the word "Navajo" is not an aesthetic. It's a cultural group of people, an actual nation. And the Navajo Nation does, in fact, own the copyright to the word Navajo and it is illegal for retailers to explicitly label their clothing as "Navajo".

      • janessabess

        Actually the Navajo are so unhappy about it they had to trademark their own tribe name. Do your research.

      • http://loverhaters.com alysse

        Navajo will never be a fashion term, it's a nationality. You are clueless.

  • kris

    #5 where do i buy these?

    • lalexgeorge

      steve madden

  • headless

    Yeah I'm Navajo and this isnt Navajo. I think it would better to cal this southwest style and hate to break it to you but Pocahontas was not Navajo. Putting feathers in you hair and some leather fringe isnt Navajo or native american Indian.
    I wonder if their are any Native American Indian models…interesting.
    Although i love the nail art. amazing work ladies.

  • http://twitter.com/EcoRetroBling @EcoRetroBling

    A geez, really? You had to use Pocahontas? And not a single non-white model. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • actesq

    NO not navajo

  • Alice

    beautiful pieces! anyone know where to find the purse in #2?

  • artistsgottaart

    #21 – a bunch of obnoxious hipsters with mass-produced trendy Native American themed stuff.
    (please refer to this image: http://images.elephantjournal.com/wp-content/uplo… )

  • Dee41

    I read that Urban Outfitters was in trouble for using the term Navajo to describe their clothing. They were forced to change it. I love the clothing and trend, but maybe you should reconsider the title of this thread, Berry:-/

  • lolkatmurphy

    where do i find this?

  • Ryan

    Very cool fashion..but again..NOT NAVAJO! Navajo are a NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBE, the largest in fact in America. If you were to come to our nation? none of us dress like this. I am a HUGE fan of the berry ( im a guy) but…the berry loses points because of this. Im not gonna cry PC but just try and do some research before you post this….i mean cmon you dont post hillbilly fashion….or oriental fashion….just take it easy ok..we are natives..we take pride in our tradition.

  • DK

    Yes, please tell me more how I may appropriate Native history and culture as a white person. Thx!

  • Chenoa

    Wow watch me dress like a white person. Take me to Forever 21 so I can be a cool white hipster girl. :::VOMIT::

  • Jerilyn

    Heart Hays is another wannabe Indian real name Katheryan Shay

  • huier

    Heart Hays and johnny depp

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