• jeni_necropolis

    Meh. Not crazy about the hipster thing. I would like to see a post with hot punk and goth guys:)

    • jeni_necropolis

      And please don't take this as me wanting emo guys. Big difference.

  • rocklesson86

    I love hipster the most. I want to date a hipster. That is my dream guy.

  • lolkatmurphy

    berry, find him. he is the ultimate.

  • RosiePea


    #1, #5, #7 and of course no hipster post would be complete without Bobby #15 (all 3 photos of him). That Keiko is a lucky girl…

  • Jesssssss

    Seriously, Berry…..seriously?! This album makes me want to line all these guys up on the side of the road like mailboxes and drive by quickly while leaning out of a car window and smacking them with a canoe paddle. Stop it. Enough with the "hipster" shit. Where are the real men?? Chive on.

    • http://twitter.com/EcoRetroBling @EcoRetroBling

      Who are you to decide what a 'real' man is?

  • @myawfulroommate

    #29 very cute, and plausible deniability that he actually is a hipster.

  • Chalis!

    Awwww #12 Noah and the Whale a GREAT band and #18 my future husband Anthony Green. He has possibly the most serenist voice in the world. Those made my day. LOVE YOU BERRY!

  • Chalisss

    Anthony Green, former lead singer of Soason and current singer of Circa Survive. He has also has an amazing solo CD.

    I've also had the pleasure of interviewing him, possibly the sweetest guy ever. He said he imagines himself as Sade when he sings ^.^

    • Tara

      I was just about to ask if that was him! He's amazing:)

  • rocklesson86

    I love hipsters the most. That is the kind of guy I want to date. I hope to meet one someday.

  • vanillabean

    Mmmmmm #14!

  • diamond

    #1 asdfghjkl;'

  • Tara

    can you find #11 & #32?:)

  • Jillian

    #15 omg❤

  • lauren

    who is 14 and is he single?! haha all these good looking guys!

  • gonzo

    really hate these guys, i need my glasses to drive, read and actually to see and people keeps saying to me i’m a hipster just coz of my glasses

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=650263041 Erika Holmgren

    gimme #11 & #32

  • Amelia

    #11, #14 & #15 are the same person, his name is bobby and he is not hipster he is just a good boy, haha really good looking boy. But is a little nerd. rawr!

  • Juliet

    Who is # 1?:)

  • http://twitter.com/shibsta @shibsta

    Best post ever!

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