Check out your C-U-T-E pets! (41 photos)


D'awww C-U-T-E pets! Thanks for sending your pics our way. Click HERE to submit your own.
theBERRY sisters: Emily & Megan

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  • Katie

    All so cute!! Love all the puppies!
    #16 So sad, my god sitters dog died today that we both grew up with

    • Hannah

      #1 is my pupp :) he is such a sweetheart. <3

  • Emilyy

    #14 = my baby! Her second time on TheBerry :')

  • Kyra

    #35 Both of these dogs are fantastic

    • Keri

      Thank you!! I love my pups.

  • JessiJ

    #21 one of the most loyal breeds there is :) mine lived until he was 17

  • technodoll

    wow, thank you for selecting TWO of my pics (#3 and #4) – aren't doggies just the BEST?

    • Erin

      Dogo Argentino?? I have one who just turned a year, very hard to find!

  • Sarah Padilla Nájera

    #22 !!! awwww my baby's adorable!!! I love him!!!

  • clal89

    #1, #18, #31, #38, #48
    Such cute pups!

    I want this cat.

  • jennabee

    What a beautiful horse and such a sweet caption. :( RIP Casey.

  • Andrea Jessen

    #19 is my buddy Smokie, he does not like his picture taken.

  • Ling

    #8 are my babies! they are so awesome!!

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