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Megan Resig is Head of The Berry, loves to travel and embraces awkward moments. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • Emma Oliver

    what a load of nonsense.

  • mderynn

    #1 What. o.0 :S

  • Rachel Grable

    This is just sad. I weep for these people.

  • tara

    oo dear wat ever floats your boat i just hope one day when you fall in love they love twilight as much as you

  • Lola

    no… just… no.

  • Katie

    I love Twilight, read the books… twice and love the movies (although they are not remotely as good as the books) but this is just craziness!!!

  • Lynne McNaught Sandilands NO! WHY!?

  • wankerhanker


  • bubblerider86

    i'm not even pretending to understand….i don't think i'll ever be this dedicated to anything o.0

  • Melissa Snowden


  • @Ellington3

    I am just thankful that the final film in that inane series of books is going to be out soon and hopefully this twi-tripe will just PLEASE go away!😛

  • Heidi

    I'm embarrassed for them.

  • ray

    Oh god, it has glitter on it! hahahahha

  • mandy

    Gay.Twilight.. Trueblood is better and for adults. Twilight is suppose to be for teens. hahah

  • yepppp!

    I don't know whats worse, the fact that they got them or that they were so badly done, srsly # 2 wth?.

  • artistsgottaart

    #7 refund!

  • eanahs_6

    what in the what what? I like twilight but these fools have lost it o.O

  • Kammikazzi

    If I hadn't known about the Twilight Connection with #10, I'd actually like that tattoo. The others however, are lacking to say the least.

  • Misty

    To be honest 2 of these tattoo's are mine personly mine……And thank you so kindly on your thoughts on how stupid we are for getting our bodys marked with Twilight..You all make me wanna go out and get Jasper to match Alice….

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