• Lola

    #6, #20… want…

  • Tink

    What is the point of wearing a chunky sweater plus a scarf, if you're only going to put on daisy dukes or a mini skirt for a bottom? That's just stupid.

    • blackandblue

      I love to wear clothes that way sometimes.I prefer skirts and short shorts over jeans every day. But only when it's not too cold outside. The important thing is to keep your feet warm. And sweaters and stuff.

    • ...

      Just like scarves with tank tops! WTF!!

      • the other Jen

        its cute and comfy!

  • chihuahua_cat

    where can i find #19? me likey

  • lala

    wardrobe porn…mmmhmm!

  • clal89

    #6 One of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Not want, but NEED. Also…not sure where you all live, but in Chicago we sure as hell can't get away with wearing shorts. Poop😦

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612540944 Paula Cremin

    Want the top and snood in #12

  • Ling

    #17 i had to look twice because i was sure there had to be an olsen twin wearing that.

  • Emily

    #6 That is the most beautiful coat I've ever seen.

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