BERRY hot men: Shirtless (33 photos)


Click HERE for last Friday’s Shirtless hotties!

  • BritBerrier

    #20…yum yum yum

  • rocklesson86

    I love you Berry. Yummy!!!!!!

  • Winnie

    A man's physique is really beautiful
    #14 Soon…

  • Christine

    #10 love his eyes
    #22 love a man with facial hair
    #27 hairy chest yum!

  • Courtney

    #5 – OMG a young Ronaldo!

  • SugarSkull

    #18 ooh i just like this style :) so cute!

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  • cute

    #19 :) :)

  • ange

    #15 #16 brodie!
    moar of the same plz (aussie footballers ;))
    (btw, smile, brodes)

  • vanillabean

    #11 the things we could do…

  • mandyfan

    #19…it never gets old.

  • Dulce

    Goshhhh u make my dayyyyy

  • SaraIsPrincess1

    #14…I think yes.

  • Shirleyewejest

    #21 Where's the beef?

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    • Salma

      First, there is a market for new-old in any staerm of collectibles, and, judging by the mountain of literature written about the new-old segment of various markets, it’s usually where intrigued amateurs or freshly minted neophytes land.

  • Aboali

    Lol what was the difference beteewn the Zac Efron pictures 2 years? And you should have posted a picture of Bruce Jenner before he had any plastic surgeries. He was a hottie then, boy. (And sane, but that’s another matter altogether).

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